Display Color Calibration to adjust color settings

Display Color Calibration improves your display color by enabling you to change different color settings. After you adjust the different color settings using Display Color Calibration, you will have a new calibration that contains your new color settings. The new calibration will be associated with your screen display and used by color-managed programs.

The color settings that you can change, as well as how you change those color settings, depend on your monitor’s display and its capabilities. Not all monitors have the same color capabilities and settings, so you might not be able to change all the different color settings when using Display Color Calibration.

You can find Basic color settings

To get an accurate calibration, we recommended that you set the basic color settings on your screen display before you continue. This ensures that you have a good starting point when you begin to calibrate your screen display using Display Color Calibration.

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Getting the best display on your monitor using windows OS

In this article I want to share the following:
    The best display settings for an LCD monitor
    Set the color for an LCD monitor
    The best display settings for a CRT monitor
    Set the color for a CRT monitor
    Color management
    Calibrate your display
    Set brightness and contrast
    Improve the appearance of text


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