What is NEOBUX?

It is a site where you get paid by clicking ads! yes only by clicking ads. It benefits the advertisers by clicking their ads and at the same time you'll get benefited too.

Site po sia kung saan nababayaran po sa pag click sa ads nila! opo sa pamamagitan lng ng pag click ng mga ads ay kikita kana. Ito po ang paraan ng mga advertiser para sumikat ang kanilang produkto at sa kabilang banda ay kikita po rin kayo.

Je to místo, kde vám zaplatí klikání na reklamy! ano pouze klikání na reklamy. Je výhody inzerenty kliknutím na jejich reklamy, a zároveň budete mít užitek také.

Es un sitio donde te pagan por hacer clic en los anuncios! sí sólo haciendo clic en los anuncios. Beneficia a los anunciantes haciendo clic en sus anuncios y, al mismo tiempo que obtendrá beneficiado también.

Det er et nettsted der du får betalt ved å klikke på annonser! ja bare ved å klikke annonser. Det er lettere for annonsørene ved å klikke på annonsene og samtidig vil du få nytte også.

How much I can earn with Neobux?

Your earnings are completely dependent to you. You will be the one who will decide how much you are going to earn! By clicking a single advetisement you will be credited 0.01$, So if there are 10 ads to be click everyday then,

10 * .01 = .10$ a day
.10 * 30 = 3$ a month

not that much for a month's income, but NOTE! that earnings is only your personal earnings(yeah no one earns big bucks just by depending on their personal earnings.)

What do I mean?
In NEOBUX not just you can earn by clicking ads but also you can earn if others click they're ads too. They are what we called referrals. They click their own ads too for them to earn money and you'll earn money too from their clicks.

How much do I earn from referrals?
You will get 0.01$ from their clicks, So if they clicked 10 ads a day and you have 100 referrals then,

10 * 100 * 0.01 = 10$ a day
10 * 30 = 300$ a month
plus your total earnings,
10 + .10 = 10.10$ a day
300 + 3 = 303$ a month

sounds good right? and to the good news is, you can have as many as referrals you want!!! meaning you're not just limited to 100 referrals. If you got more referral then how much will your earnings be? well you can compute it yourself

How and where do I can get referrals?
There are two ways to get them, continue reading below..
You can get them by renting them directly on NEOBUX with a price of .25$ per referral for a 1 month's time and extend them for another 90 days for only .45$
The second one is by getting Direct referral. You can get hese referral by inviting friends to join neobux. You don't have to pay a single cent for them and no renewal fee.. but it's hard to get direct refs so renting referrals is always an option.

So what are you waiting for? join now!! click the banner and register

The best thing about this is, Registering is free you don't have to pay a single cent to join!

thanks and see you there!

And for my offer apart from earning through the site you can also earn through "ME"!!!
So what's the deal?

If you signed up under me, you'll earn back what I've earned from you! yes, and that's 100% referral payback!!
just be sure to read my "Terms & Condition" below.
"Terms and Condition"

1. Once you reached 200 clicks and have atleast 3 rented referrals then you can request for a payout.
2. Your payback is computed by this equation, (clicks) * .005(my commission from every single click you made)
3. I can change/delete/add at anytime I want from these Terms and Condition.


  1. Nice use of translation , Yeah i agree that noebux is the best PTC out there ....cheers