NEOBUX a good money making program for Us.

I would like to dedicate and share this money making stream I am currently working on to all of you folks who want to have an extra income thru internet without exerting too much effort and doesn’t need complicated knowledge in website maintenance, blog writing and blog installation and SEO.

I am talking about NEOBUX, you might heard about Google Adsense, Kontera, Bidvertiser and other money making programs that requires you to have a website or blog with a huge website traffic in order to earn. But NEOBUX works very different.

NEOBUX gives you a set of advertiser’s website for you to visit. After viewing the ad you will get a credit with a pre-determined amount of cash allocated by Advertiser. No payment to get started.
How much money you can earn from Neobux?

It depends on what type of membership you have, as of now I am using their free standard membership, I do not want to invest yet, but soon I’ll try to upgrade my membership. I started using this program last July 7, 2010 but I am active, I log to Neobux everyday and spare at least 5 minutes a day to visit my advertiser's on Neobux. After few days I got my initial $2 earnings, and I withdraw it using my Paypal.

Neobux pays you $0.010 per visit on their ads, and if you have a referral Neobux will pay you $0.005 for every visit of your referral to their advertiser. Its so easy to earn money online using Neobux, just be active! And try to have a referrals. If you have 25 active referrals that will click atleast 3 ads a day. You earn $0.41 a day from them, thats $12.45 a month. Not bad? If blogging doesn’t give you success to earn money online try Neobux!.

To start your earning.
1. Login on your account
2. Click on View Advertisement

3. Click on the Advertisement
4. Click the RED BUTTON and wait until you get the credit.


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