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Now I would like to introduce the top 3 blogs/CMS systems – WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla in that ranked order.Yes, as delineated below WordPress has moved to the top as one of the best systems for developing many different types of websites not just blogs.

Now Drupal and Joomla share many of the strengths and capabilities to be found in WordPress as seen in the points below. Joomla has the capabilities to be turned into an online magazine more readily than Drupal or WordPress; Drupal beats both other systems with the range of its add-ons particularly in the area of charting and portal/dashboard usage. See the References below for reviews championing these systems and others like Plone and Cushy CMS.


  1. The Moon
    on a cat


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  2. hmm..i never heard about drupal before, it's good if you write about drupal ,hehe

  3. Hi Jason, as I always said your blog is informative (yet too tecnical for me :P) I have a question and not sure if it is improper to ask here - pls pardon me if it is really improper :(

    Just wonder if you know any application that can used as pc suite for iphone for window 7? I googled few but my friend said canot use :( Wish to connect iphone to pc to send sms... easier, as his work need to send lots of sms update...