MSI Dual Screen Laptop ( Future Laptop)

The Asus Dual Screen Notebook may have been the first one to speak about the concept, but it was the MSI who made the concept a reality.

During the CES 2010 in Las Vegas, the MSI showed off a concept 7-inch mini-laptop and another with two 10-inch screens. The devices both use LCD touch screens, run Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS, is equipped with an Intel Atom Z530 1.6GHz processor and have Intel Menlow microprocessors inside for longer-lasting batteries. These screens can function independently as 2 separate displays as well as a single large display, it could be turned on its side like a book, allowing two-page reading in a more book-like format than single-screen e-readers. Windows can be moved from one screen to the other with a finger, in this single display mode. When working independently, the lower panel can display a virtual keyboard, and the other panel can play the role of a screen, just like netbooks.

A one-cell battery can power the devices for six hours, and data storage for them is on solid-state drives, either 32GB or 64GB to keep its weight low and also to stay slim and trim, an MSI representative said.

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