Bidvertiser - Review Adsense Alternative and Better than adsense

Hi guys you may have noticed that on my blog I have chosen to display advertisements. 

After hearing numerous horror stories about google adsense I decided that I would create an account with them but not really rely on it. I went on the hunt for other ppc hosts. 

I came across bidvertiser. They seem to do a great job, with mostly relevant ads to the topics on your blogs and good earning potential. Now I never expected to earn a living from placing ads on my blog page, but abit of spare pocket change couldn't hurt I figured. Anyway at the start of this month I found a nice surprise in my paypal account of $100 from bidvertiser. 

I thought I would give fellow bloggers a heads up on a decent company and if you were looking to use them then simply follow this link and sign up, they have a range of different ads you can place, banners, skyscrapers etc. They have minmum $10 payout and they payout at the first of each month.

Just click on the bidvertiser picture below to be taken to the sign up page. Good luck bloggers!


  1. I like what you did with your blog.
    Followin !

  2. I might consider it if I ever need to change ads.

  3. Neat-o I will check that out.

  4. I heard good things about Bidvertiser! I might try it out sometime!

  5. Am certainly checking this out! =D

  6. How long before you got that $100 payout? I'm in bidvertiser but not really post the ads on my site. And yes, Google Adsense banned me after I reached the $100 payout :(