Fact about traditional resume

Always proofread your resume at least twice. Typographical error are not tolerated by employers. Misspellings and grammatical errors present an image of disinterest and poor attention to detail. However, familiarity can cause you to overlook these mistakes. Put your resume aside and review it 24 hours later. Better yet, ask a friend to proofread and give you his impression.

A well-written resume of a qualified candidate gets an interview. Your resume goal is to obtain an interview. Target your job market, identify your skills and prove your ability to do the job. Your resume should sufficiently pique the employer's interest to offer you a personal interview.

The order of information on the resume is very important. Resumes are scanned for a maximum of 30 seconds to determine if the job candidate possesses the job's qualifications and recruiters normally scan resumes from the top to bottom of the page. Therefore, prominently list your achievements and strong points near the top of your resume. Strive to keep a smooth flow of information between sections.


  1. I just turned in an application and I hope I get the job :)

  2. always read them over and over again

  3. I made a typo once. But it was for a small town summer job so it didn't matter much. I'll definitely keep this in mind when I apply for larger jobs.