Function of IMU - Information Management Unit

Function of IMU
The focus of the Unit will be on information systems (both manual and electronic), data quality and processes management. This will encompass:
  • Documentation of the set of key (to be defined) information flows within SWAHS and between SWAHS and other organisations. The aim being to make these flows explicit, streamlined and effective
  • Development of an Area Information Management Strategy to improve and maintain information processes. This will include a framework and policy infrastructure that is driven by the health care and service priorities and business information needs
  • Development of an information management structure that ensures secure and efficient management of high quality information, whilst providing appropriate access in the bounds of privacy
  • Ensuring information management supports a continuum of care in service provision and clinical decision making
  • Promoting effective and efficient use of IT to support information management
  • Management of the non-IT, or business, components of Area ‘mission critical’ information systems, in particular the Patient Administration Systems [PAS]. I.e. HOSPAS and i.PM)