Trends in Green Computing – Go Green IT

A  green computing we predicted that “green” would become a major part of IT decisions for a long time to come. There is no doubt in the eyes of the press that “green IT” is hot, and getting hotter. Given all the interest, we decided that a close tracking of the trends is important for the industry.
 Green computing, or eco-centric computing, is the method for reducing the environmental impact and improving the efficiency of computing systems and operations. It is not limited to a set of technology products or strategies, but rather encompasses a holistic view of the global positive and negative impact of computing environments.

The biggest business fad  toward green computing “ cost “  is still not getting the full momentum needed to dramatically drive a mind shift toward environmental efficiency of IT. This continues to be stalled by a lack of changes to budget allocation and failure to make IT responsible for their energy usage. That hasn’t stopped other underlying issues from multiplying, however, as we can see from the data. Cooling issues are growing in intensity and are coupled with major power limitation problems. Together these two are creating a heightened awareness of the gravity of doing nothing and operating on the assumption of limitless power.

While not enough companies have taken personal responsibility, many users are looking to vendors to solve the problem. More and more companies place a great significance on energy efficiency in their purchasing decisions. This will continue to put pressure on vendors to consider less energy usage in their products to lower the total cost of ownership. That is great news for the industry. In the solutions camp, virtualization continues to be on the top of the hot list.

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